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Our Values

Common sense

Organisations and communities should use the templates

they already have in place when possible.

Use Common Language

Speak in a language that is understandable from any perspective. Cut the jargon.

Talk simply so that your message is clear and direct to all.


 Act with compassion whether that is when interacting with other members or communities.


Members must take some accountability in keeping their information up to date.

Do not rely on the annual renewal.


Build up and on each other’s capacities, challenge silo ways of thinking within your community and networks.


Think collaboratively across sectors and geographies.

How can others help you solve a problem and how can you help them.

Local Intelligence

Ask for local assistance and information. Use the lived experiences available to you
in your organisation or community. Consider past experiences and how we can learn from them.


 Stay focussed on what you can do specifically to resolve a resilience event. You do not need to provide solutions to all problems. Be realistic about what you can do in a resilience response for your community and prevent a need for omissions in the future.


Our shared interest is promoting and building more resilient communities in Highland

regardless of personal positionings or authority levels within our landscape. We agree

to support each other as equal collaborators to enable each other to be successful.

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