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“The Highland Resilience Network is intended to support cross-sector collaboration and strengthen local resilience efforts in response to events or circumstances which are, or are likely to, have a negative impact on the lives of people living within a community. “

The Highland Resilience Network is formed through a membership of third sector organisations that have identified their capacity to assist blue light services in managing emergencies in their community.

Registered members are listed on this database so that public service responders can request their support, if appropriate, to reduce the demand on emergency service resources.

All of our registered members have completed an organisational health check ensuring that they have the appropriate governance and standing to safely and legally respond.

Members have collaborated with public sector partners in the development of localised and specific resilience plans. These can be accessed here. 

What type of emergencies are we asking organisations and communities to consider?

There are four resilience event types identified by the Public Sector that network members can assist emergency services to respond to and what type of help they might be looking for from the third sector and communities:

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Check out how to register as a Highland Resilience Network member here.

Could your organisation contribute to local emergency management in your community?


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